Web & Mobile Application Development/Consulting

We just don’t build applications or tell a client what software package to use because that’s what we’ve recommended to the other 200 customers.

Tek Age Solutions takes the time to learn your business and your team to make informed technology solutions to boost your ROI.

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Let Us Keep Your Social Marketing Up to Date

Sometimes your customers just need to know you’re still in business.  Our Social Content Services allows you to stay in control of what is being posted on your social networks, while we take care of making sure things ARE being posted to your social networks.

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Mobile Apps...to Build or Not to Build

Think you have an idea for a new game or app that will be the next Angry Birds or Instagram?  Should it be a mobile app loaded from Google Play or the App Store?  Should it just be a website they can pin to their home page?  How should I monetize my app idea?

All questions we are quite familiar with answering.  Contact Us today about your next great mobile app idea!

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Custom/Mobile App Development & Consulting

Sometimes technology can be purchased off the shelf.  Sometimes a better ROI is to build it for your customized processes.  Which one is correct?  Tek Age Solutions can help you decide.

Social Content Services

SCS is simply about keeping your content updated, which is something many companies do not do.  It’s not because they don’t want to, they simply have other things for themselves and their employees to do.

Mobile Apps Development

With the world moving more and more towards relying on Mobile device technology, Mobile App Development has never been so critical to a company or business’s success.  At Tek Age Solutions we specialize in the coding, design, and marketing of mobile apps on iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch, Droid, Blackberry, and Windows Phone 7 platforms.

Reporting & Metrics

Need to know why your users are leaving your site?  Want to know what your users really think of your internal application?  We can assist with User Interface analysis and not only make for a better user experience, but a more streamlined one as well.

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