Tek Age Solutions is proud to announce its recent alignment with SpiceWorks and their Cloud Help Desk Application.

Any current customers can now open, close, and track tickets quickly through the portal located at http://tekagesolutions.com/support.

“We believe this is a system which will allow our customers to become more engaged in their support requests. Too many times emails and text messages get undelivered, marked as spam, lost in space, etc. This is a firm way for our customers to know we received the request and they can actively monitor its progress.” says Doug Justice, CEO and President of Tek Age Solutions.

Tek Age Solutions is a Custom Software & Mobile Application Solutions company located in Orlando, Florida with a complete USA Developer Based staff.

See what Mobile App and Software Solutions they can create for your company today at http://tekagesolutions.com

About the author

Doug Justice Doug Justice is the CIO and head of Technology & Development of Tek Age Solutions. He has been developing custom web applications and mobile applications for over 20 years. He is an expert in consulting with companies looking to improve their development department's backlog as well as helping companies decide whether to develop their own applications or purchase them off the shelf. Doug also heads up Tek Age Solutions's Social Content Services division. This social marketing division assists companies with their number one issue...keeping content up to date and relevant on their website and other social media venues.