Custom Web Development

Hand pointing at a Web Development illustration on blue background.

Custom Web Development doesn’t always mean a complete independent solution, although it certainly can.  Sometimes custom web development can be used to integrate some missing components in your other software solutions to allow you to serve your customers and your business needs…..better & faster!

In a global market where companies are trying to stand out above their competition, or simply provide better tools to their staff and clients, custom web development is the key.

To provide what others cannot, or to simply have the ultimate control over the needs and abilities of your applications and internal methods, is why companies such as Tek Age Solutions have dedicated themselves to providing the coding experience necessary to deliver these solutions.

Ahead of the Coding Curve
We are constantly staying on top of the latest technologies and seeing how they can benefit our customers.  Some of these new technologies we are working with are as follows:

  • Microsoft Hololens
  • NoSQL (MongoDB, Azure Document DB, CouchDB
  • Ionic Framework
  • AngularJS
  • Socket.IO
  • Node.js

Standard Coding Languages
We have developers who are experts in nearly every programming language or platform methodology that exists today.  Here is just a small sample of that list:

  • Front End Javascript Technologies (Angular, TypeScript, jQuery, etc.)
  • Java
  • PHP
  • Swift/XCode
  • Android SDK
  • ColdFusion


  • Microsoft SQL (MSSQL)
  • NoSQL (MongoDB, Azure DocumentDB, CouchDB)
  • MySQL
  • Oracle
  • SQLite
  • Access

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