Development Consulting

Tek Age Solutions Consulting with a Customer

Code Consulting
While our coders and application developers are at the top of their game.  Sometimes our clients’ budgets can’t support having us doing the entire development lifecycle.  This is where our Development Consulting division does best to meet your development needs in the most efficient and economical way available.

Code Analysis and Application Analysis
By having Tek Age Solutions oversee your development process, we can recommend coding techniques, platforms and coding methodologies to reduce the amount of time to bring your application to production, reuse code, and allow your application to grow as your needs and business does.

Technology Consulting Services
We also can come in to analyze your current business workflows and recommend technology solutions both on and off the shelf.  These technology solutions will reduce the amount of time your employees spend doing tasks and allow them to do more.  We are not in the business of recommending ways to reduce your workforce or employees.  In fact, our technology solutions have allowed productivity and revenue increases which not only allow employees to stay on the payroll, but increase the business to even need additional employees.


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