Social Content Services (Social Media Marketing)

Tek Age Solutions Offers Social Media Marketing and Social Content Marketing


“Sometimes it’s just about keeping your website and social sites updated with fresh content.”  said our company’s CIO, Doug Justice.  That philosophy sparked the creation of a new division at Tek Age Solutions called, “Social Content Services”.  This plays right into a more commonly known area, “Social Media Marketing”, which Tek Age Solutions also provides.

Social Content Services
SCS is simply about keeping your content updated, which is something many companies do not do.  It’s not because they don’t want to, they simply have other things for themselves and their employees to do.  Also, with social media portals constantly changing and updating their services and websites, keeping up to date on how to post things is also a time consuming challenge most businesses cannot afford the time to do.

Tek Age Solutions’s Social Content Services division will keep your content up to date and relevant by keeping in contact with your company, understanding your business’s current goals, and making sure that content is relayed and posted out on the social content sites your current and future customers are spending literally hours of time in per day.

Our SCS services range in price depending on how many of the social sites you want to post to and how often.

Social Media Marketing
SMM, is more of a strategic planning service which centers around your company’s core marketing initiatives.  Social Media Marketing is deciding which social media markets make sense for your company, how they can feed off of each other, and setting measurable goals for those social networks.

Tek Age Solutions’s Social Media Marketing division will help your company develop a comprehensive Social Media Marketing plan.  We will look at your current marketing plan, and adjust and advise on what changes can be made to further increase your company’s social visibility and expand your business.

Contact Us and let us take the time to understand your business needs and goals to put together a Social Content Services package together for you.  Remember, we are here to support you and your employees by doing these items for you so you can focus on the other needs of your business you specialize in.